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September 12, 2009

Did Amanda Lindhout give birth on July 19th, 2009?


Reliable source Osen-Hunter Global Security Group thinks it’s worth a mention: @ or read PDF version:

Although I’ve read this around the internet before, not much validity was given the source. However I think it’s worth a mention now that Osen-Hunter Global Security has reported it as being a possibility. If indeed Amanda did give birth and I hope not, how does this affect the chances of her release now, to say nothing of what would become of the baby. The implications all around are just overwhelming, they already were before talk of a birth. I can not imagine what this woman is going through. Thank the powers that be she is young, and the young are resilient if nothing else.

Basically this is the gist of what Osen-Hunter’s report says:


We received an indication late tonight that Miss Amanda Lindhout, held captive in Mogadishu for 11 months, may have given birth to a child. The infant, a girl we believe, was said to have been born on Saturday.
Assessment and cautionary note: this is from a single source, but the short report is flush with details, so we assess it is a reasonably strong indication.
What we received in part:

Amanda Lindhout oo ah gabar wariye ah oo u dhalatay Canada ee lagu afduubtay wadada Afgooye bishii August ee sanadkii 2008 … ayaa maalintii sabtiga ahayd ku umushay magaalada Muqdisho.

What we believe this means: “Amanda Lindhout is a female journalist [literally, “girl journalist”] born in Canada, abducted in the month of August the year 2008 near Afgooye. Per day Saturday she gave birth in Mogadishu.”

Keeping in mind our cautionary note above, there was an indication of a medical problem:

Xoogaga Islaamiyiinta ah qaarkood ayaa aaminsan in gabdhaha … banaysanayo dhiigooda. We take that to mean that there was “bleeding,” but “trustworthy Muslim women” tended to her.

A ransom of 2.5 million dollars (furasho gaaraysa 2.5 Milyan dollar) was also mentioned.
We regret to report that we have not detected any new word about Miss Lindhout’s colleague, Nigel Brennan of Australia. The two journalists were kidnapped 23 August 2008 on the Afgooye-Mogadishu corridor after covering the Afgooye camp for Internally Displaced Persons.

In April, we received an indication that one of her kidnappers had raped her. 1 We believe they (Amanda & Nigel) have been kept apart from each other for months and restrained in shackles in windowless rooms. Both are in poor health. OSEN-HUNTER GLOBAL SECURITY has maintained a vigil for both journalists and filed more than 20 intelligence reports on their status since their abduction.

All information contained herein is subject to the disclaimer on the last page of this report.

Above Source: Scroll down to July 21st security report and news item at link below. Also read the Forward-Leaning, Osen-Hunter’s Global Security Report of August 21st, 2009.

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