Free Amanda Lindhout & Nigel Brennan

June 21, 2009

Public pushes to bring envoys home, not Lindhout

This report from CTV speaks to the apathy shown in Amanda Lindhouts kidnapping case from the very beginning. As a country Canada is simply going to have to do better than this. But then again, a government is only as good as the people it governs. If Canadians don’t seem to give a damn, what is there to motivate our government to step it up, and take this kidnapping seriously? The only reason/s I can find out there that may have something to do with how the public feels, is that Amanda was a freelance journalist, implying she should have ‘known better;’ and she took pride in her appearance.  The implication being, if she had been an unattractive woman, perhaps this wouldn’t have happened to her? Why, I can make no good sense of these attitudes, can you?

Until it is your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, neighbour or co-worker, perhaps some of you who are of the opinion Amanda ‘deserves to be where she is,’ won’t fully realise the implications behind an act such as kidnapping for doing nothing more than your job in a foriegn country. The point is, it shouldn’t matter why she was in Somalia, Amanda deserves the help of her country and fellow citizens by virtue of the fact that she is one of us, she is a fellow Canadian. And I for one will not forget that she is sick, hungry, afraid, alone and in chains. And will do what I can, however small, to get attention brought her way in the hopes of getting her back on Canadian soil.

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