Free Amanda Lindhout & Nigel Brennan

June 19, 2009

Why the Apathy For Amanda?

amanda_lindhout I’m very surprised at the lack of’s not easy getting the news out there. Started a twitter in their name and a blog, to try and raise awareness and garner more signatures. It’s still a slow process and time is not on their side…so it’s frustrating.

I am also surprised at the public apathy shown Amanda Lindhout, as to why she was in ‘those’ high risk places in the first place. No such thing out there concerning Nigel. It’s disheartening to think we women still carry these types of stigmas on our shoulders in this day and age. What

Bloody sad.

What does it matter that she is a pretty young woman, why shouldn’t she follow her journalistic dreams, in any country? Why should that be wrong in this day and age still? What is wrong, is to kidnap any human being at gunpoint and hold them hostage, chained in a dark cold room with very little of the basics; like food, water or sunlight for 300 plus days. Let’s get to the real problem here..not what Amanda chooses to wear, not that she puts her makeup on in third world countries; but that these ‘be a terrorist for a day’ types, who think they have found a brilliant and easy way to make fast cash, live in countires whose governments ignore the basic human needs of its people. Poverty & desperation will cause crime, and Somalia is one of the poorest. Is it right..of course not, is it surprising..not any more.

How about we start there instead?

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